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When requesting an appointment follow these simple instructions.

  1. Be precise, this information is formal and may be utilized by Lenders, Title and Insurance companies.
  2. NO nicknames!
  3. Be precise, double check and triple check all information. An incorrect email, or address, etc. will severely delay delivery of report and cause frustration. Be precise!

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Office: (239) 997-6700
Cell: (239) 340-0375

Base Fee

2000 sq ft or less

Up to 2500 sq ft


$250 to $299
Inspections are subject to a significant reduction in cost when bundled with other inspections.

We also Offer

Wind Mitigation $95
4 Point Inspection $125
Insurance inspections are greatly discounted when ordered together $75 and $95 with home inspection. Bundled $150 with home inspection.

Mold & Indoor Air Quality Testing $300

Radon Gas Testing $200

Termite Inspections $95

A Handy Home Inspector

Contact Us

Office: (239) 997-6700
Cell: (239) 340-0375

Cape Coral, Florida
Also Serving Lee, Collier, Charlotte and Sarasota Counties

Association of Construction Industry Certified Professionals Home Inspection
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